Issue: 2 Issue / Year

e-ISSN: 2618-6594

The Turkish Journal of Forecasting (TJF) is an open access international journal and it is published semi-annually. The TJF aims to procure a platform to integrate the research subjects and fields, and to bridge over the between theory and practice dealing with any aspect of forecasting. The first issue of each year is regular and the second issue of each year is a special issue for International Web Conference Series on Forecasting. There is no any subscription fee, submission fee or publishing fee.

All submitted papers will go through the blind review process, and the Associate Editors assign the manuscripts to at least two reviewers, depending on article type.


Publisher: Giresun University, Forecast Research Laboratory

Creative Commons Licence
Turkish Journal of Forecasting by Giresun University, Forecast Research Laboratory is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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